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Build Back Better

At the beginning of 2022 Evolve invested £1 million into their training academy in an effort to guarantee best practice in their care homes across Somerset, Devon and South Wales. Evolve's Care Academy announced they would deliver the organisation’s 2022 Build Back Better #EvolveBBB campaign, designed as part of the group’s pledge to build back better within adult social care after Covid.

Since then, the academy has delivered 100 face-to-face hours of their bespoke #EvolveBBB programme to all 900+ team members, bringing the entire group together to communicate a collective cultural vision for their homes."

22_03__BBB Training_7.jpg

The EvolveBBB training aims to collect those distinct segments of what makes a person who they are and bring those individuals into a shared space where commonalities and respect for each other are found. It teaches us that cultural differences are what makes us diverse and bring a collective strength that can benefit everyone living here.

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