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Clinical Skills

Across the year, we’ve had the pleasure of inviting our clinical teams from all our homes within the Evolve Care Group, to validate clinical practice in a practical way, at our Care Academy in Bristol.

This course serves as a valuable opportunity for our dedicated professionals to upskill and refresh their understanding of clinical practices, including our nursing team, care practitioners and aspiring nurses within our care team. By reinforcing essential skills and emphasising the latest advancements in health and social care, we ensure that our team members continue to be equipped to provide the highest quality of care for those living in our nursing homes.

In our most recent session, the team had the chance to engage in smaller, more intimate groups, each led by a member of our QA team, facilitating in-depth discussions on the various clinical practices they come across day-to-day. By strategically disassembling the team from their usual peer groups, we intentionally created a setting that encouraged a diverse range of discussions and opinions. This approach not only broke down the barriers of traditional learning, but also promoted a collaborative atmosphere. The exchange of ideas and experiences amongst the team members was truly enriching, leading to a deeper understanding of the rationale behind various clinical practices.    

171023_Clinical Training_14.jpg

Whether the individuals within our team are an already certified clinician and benefiting from re-freshers of their practice, or if they are someone currently pursuing their qualification with us and looking to learn and upskill, we want to ensure that everyone a part of our team has the best opportunity at achieving their personal development goals, all whilst ensuring those living with us have the best quality of care and life possible.

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