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Evolve Care Academy is a part of the Evolve Care Group, an organisation that has been at the forefront of care provision in the Southwest for over 25 years.


The facilitators of Evolve Care Academy embodies personal and professional experience in adult social care, showcasing a commitment that goes beyond mere passion. They live and breathe a dedication to their shared vision that every person living in care should be treated with empathy, respect, and dignity.

Evolve Care Academy is deeply ingrained within the fabric of Evolve Care Group, supporting over 800 team members across the Southwest who deliver well-led, empathetic, holistic care to those living in our care homes.

Our two training academies, located in Bristol and North Devon, are more than just places of learning and our programmes extend beyond mere instruction; they are designed to be immersive and interactive experiences that inspire and empower. Within the embrace of our care academies, we invest not only in the existing skills of our team but also in nurturing the potential leaders who will guide our collective journey into the future.

It's not just about capabilities; it's about fostering a sense of belonging, growth, and shared purpose among our respected and valued team members.

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