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We began the day by defining inclusion and what it means in the context of our care homes. The official definition reads as ‘The action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.


Our Occupation Course

It is only from learning someone’s life history and identity that you can understand how to stimulate their mind with and include them with meaningful occupation.

The day began with our team members being asked the question “Would you be happy leaving your mum in this house?” We need to build a home that you would be happy to leave your most treasured person in.

A New Immersive Training Room Experience

When I arrived for the training on Tuesday morning, I couldn’t believe what the team had pulled off. The training room had been transformed into a visually interactive space, with the team having created a walk through around the top floor of the center, allowing you to enter rooms that each represent different identities and fulfil the needs of people at different stages in their care journeys.

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