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Welcome to Evolve Care Academy, where learning goes beyond the traditional bounds of e-learning. 

Established in 2015, our academy was born out of a realisation that outsourcing e-learning alone was insufficient for adequately upskilling teams to provide the necessary emotional support for individuals choosing to live with us.  Recognising the limitations of standalone digital learning, we embraced a holistic approach that combines e-learning with interactive face-to-face courses.

Evolve Care Academy believe that e-learning serves as a foundational step, a prerequisite that sets the stage for meaningful person-centred connections. This perspective allows us to cultivate a shared knowledge base among our teams, creating a collective understanding that becomes the bedrock of our immersive classroom experiences.

Our mission is clear: to foster enjoyable shared learning experiences that empower our teams to extract practical solutions from rigorously researched evidence. By doing so, we aim to enhance the overall experiences of everyone within our community. Through a blend of digital education and hands-on training, we strive to equip our teams with the skills and insights needed to provide compassionate and effective support.

Evolve Care Academy is more than an educational institution; it's a community committed to growing together for the well-being of all.

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Evolve Care Academy facilitated 100 hours of in-person training for each team member within the Evolve Care Group last year.

Our commitment to continuous learning is evident through our two dedicated learning centres, known as the Innovation Rooms, located in Bristol and North Devon. These centres serve as hubs not only for continuous learning for team members on career paths but also for pre-entrant training with a comprehensive 12-week induction programme to clinical practitioner skill reinforcement sessions, and leadership development.

Join us on this journey of continuous learning and nurturing, where knowledge is not just gained but translated into actions that better the lives of those we care for.

"Today's content was so useful, the Wonderland theme was engaging, stimulating & so different to any training I've been to before.  It helped me to improve my communication & leadership skills"

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