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The Alice Years

Each year Evolve Care Group’s community chooses a narrative in order to inspire us to move forward, to improve, to be the best community that we can be. 

When Alice in Wonderland was suggested as our theme for our Care Academy’s 2024 training programme, we had no idea how we could turn this story of the wild fantasies of a young girl, which at times verge on being ridiculous, in to a year-long training programme.  How was this story going to align with the values and behaviours of an organisation in Health and Social Care?

The message we focused on starts at the very beginning where Alice's father is teaching her to believe that the "impossible is possible", and that is where our stories align. 


Many of our team, in fact many of our colleagues in the sector, may choose to believe that what we are trying to achieve is impossible.  We see it as our role as the leaders of this community to ensure that we all believe that we can achieve the impossible and provide the way to do so.


We see our role as enabling our community to dream, just as Alice's father supported her to be safe, to fall asleep and to go with her dreams. 

If you're eager to join our madcap team and explore the extraordinary within the realm of social care, don't hesitate to send us a curious message. Take the leap, follow the White Rabbit of possibility, and contact us today to enquire about this fantastical job and career opportunity.

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