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Induction Leadership 

Evolve’s induction teaches you how to work within the framework of our values so that upon completion, you’ll feel fully integrated into our community. We’ll guide you through our culture and language, which is fundamental to creating a true sense of home for the people you’ll be supporting and introduce you to life story work and Professor Kitwood – a pioneer in the dementia field who believed learning a person’s life history is essential if we are to preserve the individual’s personal identity on their dementia journey and meet their emotional needs.


We understand that starting a new career or moving to a different organisation can be daunting. It is a huge honour to be trusted to support vulnerable people to live full, enjoyable lives, but it is also a huge responsibility. To take this on, you’ll need to develop a sense of how to connect with many different personalities and people who live with varying mental capacities

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"Fab training day at the office, it’s days like this that reminds me why I’ve worked at Evolve for 14 years! Diverse, inclusive & fun"


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